The Project

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The Sapere Aude Project

Sapere Aude is a project conceived to demonstrate that, with a reduced and effective investment based on a structured volunteer program of social mentoring, along with the coordinated participation of key stakeholders of residential services and school resources, it is possible to maximize the impact public investment that is already been placed in the field of youth in care and attention, obtaining meaningful and sustainable positive results in improving the educational outcomes of young people effectively and with a sustainable low cost.


Project objectives

  •  The Sapere Aude project seeks to promote and improve the educational trajectories of young people in residential care with the design and implementation of a social mentoring program conceived specifically for this purpose, testing its effectiveness based on the results.
  •  At the same time, Sapere Aude aims to improve the efficiency of services for tackling the issue of youth training, seeking to demonstrate the profitability of the investment. The project aims to demonstrate that specific and coordinated low cost actions can deliver significant positive results in improving the school education of young people
  •  In this way, the project seeks to implement a pilot mentoring program, with the implication of key actors in close relation with the youngsters (care givers and teachers) in different countries, in order to show that the regular support of mentors and of these key actors has a significant positive impact when it comes to improving their welfare, with a specific focus on improving school result.
  •  Through a structured volunteer program of social mentoring the Aude Project aims to promote a more cohesive and committed society where people do not ignore people and collaborate for the mutual benefits.


Expected results

  •  Development of a new mentoring model methodology specifically focused on improving the educational outcomes of young people in care and provide guidance and practical tools to implement a mentoring process by the concerned organizations.
  •  Generation of educational content to train mentors to specifically support young people in care in order to improve their school results
  •  Implementation of a training course for trainers of mentors at a transnational level.
  •  Awareness and active involvement of the key actors in close relation with  young people in care (care givers and teachers) to provide support to improve the educational outcomes of youngsters involved in the pilot project, in coordination with the activities carried out by the mentors



  •  Youngsters in care. The project aims at improving the academic performance of youngsters in residential care from aged 12–17 years  old.
  •  Social Organizations. The project will promote the implementation of initiatives and mentoring services by the participating organizations in the project, and will develop materials and to implement it by interested organizations throughout Europe.
  •  Social Actors in close relation with the young people in care. The project will raise awareness and make visible educational issues surrounding young people in care to key actors in close relation to them such as care givers and teachers.


Project activities

Activities foreseen in AUDE project are:
  •  Development of the AUDE Mentoring model. Mentoring model specifically focussing on providing social mentoring for children/youngsters aged 12 – 17 and placed in residential care, aimed at contributing to the improvement of their school results and their educational paths in general. The mentoring model has been previously jointly developed by project partners by unifying their different expertise in the field of children care and mentoring.
  •  Implementation of Pilot mentoring projects. Through a pilot mentoring project, partnering organizations from Spain, France, Germany, Austria and Croatia will be responsible for implementing AUDE Mentoring model in 2017 – 2018 school year in their respective countries, with participation of 10 volunteer mentors and 10 children/youngsters living in residential care.
  •  Development of a Training Handbook for training mentors. The Training Handbook will be available in all the languages of the partner countries (English, Spanish, German, French, Croat). The training contents will be available in online format and free of cost in the project website.
  •  Transnational training for trainers/staff of AUDE partnering organizations, in a duration of five working days, one day for each section covered in AUDE Training Handbook plus one day for the reflection.
  •  Development of the AUDE Practical Case Handbook , aimed at providing tangible results and evaluation outcomes of the AUDE mentoring pilot project. Partnering organization will regularly acquire data for the evaluation, during implementation phase of AUDE Mentoring pilot project, in order to ensure assessment of the mentoring support provided to children/youngsters.
  •  Organization of international conference in June 2018, at the end of the implementation phase of AUDE Mentoring pilot project, to present its results to expected number of 90 conference’s participants

Step by step: project calendar

  • Definiton of the Mentoring Model
  • Design of the training program for mentors
  • Preparation of a mentoring Pilot project
  • Selection and validation of mentors
  • Training of mentors
  • Selection of youngsters
  • Matching youngsters-mentors
  • September: start of the mentoring pilot projects
  • Regular Monitoring of the mentoring pilot project and coordination with stakeholders
  • Development and implementation of the pilot
  • Regular Monitoring of the mentoring pilot project and coordination with stakeholders
  • Data Collection
  • Evaluation report
  • Final conference and presentation of results

Project funded by

Erasmus+ is the EU’s programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. Its budget of €14.7 billion will provide opportunities for over 4 million Europeans to study, train gain experience, and volunteers abroad.