Sapere Aude european conference

The Conference of the European Sapere project that took place on the 5th of July in the city of Zagreb was very well received by the audience, filling the capacity of +100 people from the Tribina Zagreba center.

During the conference, all the partners showed the development of the  project whose objective was to show the potential that social mentoring has on students at risk of exclusion.

The conference featured prominent European experts such as Robert Cimperman, head of the Croatian national education agency, or Mariana Kashchak, a Ukrainian expert in mentoring processes in Eastern European countries.

The audience in the many rounds of questions was very participatory and showed a satisfaction of 4.5 out of 5 in the surveys delivered at the end of the survey.

In this sense, the conference’s echoes have not been expected and many organizations at European level have disseminated the methodology or have been interested in using the products and the resulting research

Overall, it has been shown as a positive experience in which the project and its results have proved to be interesting and, hopefully, can be included in future experiences throughout the continent in relation to the world of mentoring, exclusion and education at European level.

Sapere Aude Conference